An Introvert’s Guide to Productivity and Relationships

In the era of social media we have an infinite number of possibilities for connection but deep, lasting relationships are rare. Here are my top tips for cultivating meaningful relationships (platonic and romantic) in the digital age. In the digital world, we are constantly bombarded with calls for attention. Social media notifications, product advertisements, and…

How to Journal for Mental Health: 2021 [Organize Stress and Manage Anxiety]

Happy New Year and a New YouTube video! Journaling has been the keystone habit that saves my mental health when I am feeling stressed, anxious or overwhelmed. I'm optimistic that 2021 will be more positive than last year. If you are looking for a positive habit to start the new year here are my top…

how to: Design Your Life [Successfully]

Happy New Year Everyone! My latest video is live 🙃 Enjoy, and good luck on your resolutions! Setting goals and resolutions is a popular way to start the new year. Being the type-A goal-oriented person I am, crafting resolutions and laying out life plans is basically my favorite hobby. I like to keep an eye…

New Video! How to Trash a $250,000 Education

I had so much fun pulling this video together! With the new year around the corner, I've been evaluating my goals and developing systems to enable their completion. I encourage you to question conventional productivity methods on your personal growth journey. I hope you enjoy this video where I declutter my education!


How to Trash a 250K Education

Over the weekend, I was organizing, doing an early spring cleaning when I came across this deadweight. This box is filled with my notebooks, exams, and homework from University. Pages and pages of painstakingly detailed engineering workbooks (written mostly in glittery gel pen) served me well on my journey to build a healthy GPA. Now,…

The Power Paradox

Traditionally, we view power through a Machiavellian lens. Popular culture and tradition show leaders gain and lose influence through displays of force and hold on to power through brute cruelty. However, Kelter argues that the violent strategies outlined in Machiavelli's famous work The Prince are outdated and incompatible within the social structure of our modern world. 

The Power of Habit

In the Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg, we're shown an interesting new perspective on habit creation. Duhigg argues that the power to change your habits and to construct your idea life comes when we understand the hidden mechanisms underlying habitual action. I found this book helpful in understanding the triggers for action and the phycology behind our subliminal choices. I wish this book focused more on the actionable steps for habit change instead of over explaining the same concept through a series of anecdotal case studies.

A Court of Thorns and Roses 🌹 (ACOTAR)

n this faerie tale retelling of Beauty and the Beast, we follow the journey of a young female protagonist, Feyre, as her simple human life becomes entangled in the lives of the immortal fae of Prythian. It is definitely worth the read. It is a high fantasy novel, but the world-building is not daunting so I encourage you to pick it up even if you are new to fantasy.  I loved the sassy dialogue, deeply empathized with the Feyre's struggle, and had a fantastic time meeting one of my favorite fictional characters.