Wholesome Homemaking

I’ve recently moved…where to Narnia. And when I’m not trying to evade the Jadis, I’ve been preoccupied with the task of nesting my space.

I don’t think there is an arbitrary period of time required for one to feel “settled” in a new location. You can put the boxes away and display your memorabilia and allow time to help you feel settled. Almost a year later, when I noticed I was still restless, I realized that I never wanted to be settled – I wanted to feel at home.

There have been a few times when I’ve stumbled upon such a feeling of belonging that I could consider myself home. But I believe it’s healthier and more realistic to view belonging as something you can cultivate within your relationships, house, and community rather than hoping chance will present it.

Here is a collection of wholesome homemaking activities that helped me to turn my new house into a home.

Cultivate Contentment

Before you can call a four-walled structure something as grandiose as “home”, I think first you have to feel content in the space. For me, that chiefly means nesting the space to feel my own and cultivating routines that support my wellbeing.

I’m generally opposed to the generic fashion of the renovation projects on HGTV. However, I will admit to enjoying the occasional episode of Love It Or List it primarily for the sassy antics. The majority of my nesting inspiration comes from following my favorite influencers on YouTube. However, you can also get some great ideas from Instagram and Pinterest.

Spend time brainstorming before you jump into the curation process. Make a vision board or drawing to help you visualize what the finished space will look like. This helps to simplify the organization process, minimize the time you spend shopping, and prevent overspending.

I get an immense amount of joy out of curating design details that optimize the space and fill it with beauty.

Here are some ideas of inspiration as you’re brainstorming your nesting project.

Bring Nature Home

  • Buy Fresh Flowers
  • Buy house plants
  • Take a Flower Arrangement class at your local flower shop!
  • Hang Meaningful Art
  • Get Crafty

Decorate Your Space to Maximize Coziness

  • Candles
  • Fluffy Blankets
  • Mood lighting
  • Splash of your favorite color
  • Stock your favorite snacks

Develop a Local Routine 

Part of what has helped me to feel settled in my new apartment is developing a routine that helped me integrate into the local community. I am generally rather introverted but in order to feel a sense of belonging, I think we have to connect with other people. So, I socialized my typically solo hobbies, in an effort to meet new people and try new things. I now can regularly be found reading at my local cafe reading, writing at the library, taking spin or yoga classes, and chatting petting puppies while on a nature walk through the park.

If you are looking to amp up your social life, check out Meetup and Mindbody. Here you can find fun events to attend and wellbeing classes.

Skincare from Chuck Georgies
Flowers from BloomBack Flowers

Community Outreach

Volunteering has played an instrumental role in cultivating a sense of belonging in my environment. Taking the extra step to invest my time and energy to improve the lives of others has brought me an immense amount of happiness. Through working with the Junior League I’ve met an amazing group of intelligent, driven young women committed to giving back to their community through acts of service and mentorship. I could not recommend this more if you want to connect with like-minded women, be a positive force for change in your neighborhood, and engage in fun social activities.

If you have a passion for philanthropy, you can also find ways to give back through Volunteer Match.

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