Fear Assessment

Few things in my life have had a more profound impact on my outlook than the philosophy of stoicism. At the heart of many stoic beliefs is the understanding that we only have control of our actions. The problems of the external world, our past actions, and future outcomes are outside the realm of our control. Therefore, we should choose to invest our time and energy over what we have the power to change at this very moment.

Yet, it can be paralyzing and hard to know where our growth journey should begin in a sea of self-improvement literature.

What action is best to take first?

Where your fear is, there your action is.

Carl Jung

The anxious thoughts that haunt my mind are, in many cases, the voices of my inner fear. Inaction only deepens my anxiety. I journal about basically everything and believe that writing is a fantastic way to work through your thoughts. This exercise helped me see the next right step. Download my fear assessment worksheet to see where it would be most beneficial to begin your development journey.

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