Intentional Dating

Relationships are a lot of work, even if you manage to find someone you’re very compatible with. Dating intentionally has helped me gain clarity on what I can bring to a relationship, what I need to feel loved, and the type of partner I am compatible with. This love life worksheet helped me to clarify my ideal for a healthy and happy relationship.


What do you imagine in your ideal partner? It isn’t a requirement that someone you date has these qualities. This typically outlines what you gravitate towards in terms of looks, personality, or occupation.


What do you require a partner to bring to the table in your relationship? This is a base-level requirement. For example, you may expect someone to have a stable job, be emotionally available, or financially literate.


How do you expect to be treated? Everyone has different standards for respect, communication, and what they perceive as their role in a relationship. I encourage everyone to have this discussion with a potential partner at some point in the dating process, but understanding your own standards before you begin dating can help you maintain healthy boundaries and respect yourself.

Deal Breakers

What would make you walk away from a potential partner? Think about behaviors that would cause you to compromise your standards. It is important to stay optimistic while dating, and having clear dealbreakers has helped me focus on people who are investing in the relationship we are building together.

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