Optimize Abundance

Deportment isn’t just for debutants. Modernity has labeled many traditional social codes as old-fashioned and outdated. Yet, the way we carry ourselves is a marker of respect, confidence, and class.

At the heart of every etiquette guideline is a desire to put those around us at ease. It’s a framework for respect so we can navigate the social scene gracefully and forge deeper connections with our peers.

Join me on a journey of refinement. Together we will curate your ideal self, optimize abundance and engineer your dreams.

Let’s Connect

I’m a well-rounded nerd, self-proclaimed bookworm, and personal development junkie.

By day I work as a civil engineer designing highway bridges, ramp systems, and roundabouts.

After hours…

I bring an analytical, systems-based approach to personal development. I write articles, make YouTube videos, and review books to share what I have learned to help others on their level-up journey.


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